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Custom Wood Deck Designs & Construction


Locally Owned Deck Building in Omaha, Nebraska


For centuries, wood has been used for its natural warmth and versatility—making it a go-to for homeowners who are looking for function, as well as beauty. With so many types of wood available, you can customize your deck to your liking, adding timeless character to your home.

Our team of experts is ready to work with you to custom-craft your deck layout, including:

  • Attached deck

  • Detached deck

  • Wraparound deck

  • Swimming Pool deck

  • Multi-level deck

  • Deck with pergola 


Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out!

Cedar Deck Builder Omaha, NE


We’re dedicated to providing not only safe but exceptional builds for our customers—starting with exceptional materials. We source high-quality wood for custom builds—ensuring that each deck is built to last against the elements.

A lot goes into building a new deck. Afterall, a deck is a structure of it's own, and there are specific & important guidelines to ensure that your custom deck is as solid as can be.

Wood Decks Omaha, NE

We don’t believe in cutting corners to get a job done. Safety and quality are our top priorities. Because decks require specific processes and safety protocols, we abide by rigorous standards, guidelines, and procedures during our building process. A well-built deck (and proper upkeep) should last you many, many years. We’ll never skimp out or cut corners on the necessary steps—we believe in getting it right the first time.


Crafting with integrity

The team at Deck It Decks will always make sure that every step of the deck building process is completed correctly. We do everything possible to ensure that the custom decks we build in Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas are built to last! This includes always using deck flashing tape on the framing to prevent the structure from deteriorating over the years.

Deck Additions Omaha, NE

Looking for an alternative to wood? Check out our composite deck-building services.

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